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Mandatory Window Inspection

We are honored by the Building Department to be one of the 17 most active contactors under the Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme (MWIS). In the seminar organized by the Building Department on 17 July 2014, we learned that our Company shared over 11% segment of the MWIS’s market. We express our appreciation to all our clients.

Upon the full implementation of the MWIS on 30 June 2012, we have been serving over 100 estates and up to 2,000 buildings. Hence, we are also invited to organize seminars for explaining the procedures, requirements, and certificates submission of statutory MWIS to the owner’s committee. For examples, Chi Fu Fa Yuen (70% appointed), Serenade Cove (99% appointed), South Horizons, Sea Crest Villa, Tsuen King Garden, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, others such as most well-known commercial buildings, hotels, hospital and school, etc.


MWIS Seminar at Fung Tak Estate
MWIS Seminar at Lei King Wan
MWIS Seminar at Tsing Yi
Seminar by Building Department on 17 July 2014
MWIS Seminar at Sea Crest Villa
Free Window Inspection
(Document charges in per GFA unit)

Private housing:HKD300
(Doc Fee)
( The new prices are effective from 1 Jan 2019.)

Repair Costs
(The following fees just limited to aluminum window)
Hings (size)    
8"- 14" Each single window $128 up /each
16"- 24" Each single window $250 up /each
Replace dual lock Each $80/pair
Replace stainless steel rivets Each single window $115 up /each
7- Shape locking Switch Each $80/pair
Gasket Each single window $150/each
  for window sach only