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Mandatory Building Inspection

1. We provide the most simple, economical and convenient way to comply with the statutory requirements.
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2. Our Building Inspection Report is accompanied with a free quotation of the prescribed rectification / repair works if found necessary in the Report.
3. All rectification / repair works are carried out according to the Building Ordinance and  relevant Regulations and submission of all statutory certificates are to be done in the most simplified way so as to minimize the price to be charged.
4. Elite workers team are ready to complete all the rectification / repair works if necessary after building inspection by RI. With compromise, the Mandatory Building Inspection Order could be complied by the submission of MBI-3a instead of MBI-3 such that extra cost could be saved.

Upon the full implementation of the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme (MBIS) on 30 June 2012 up to December 2015, our Company has served over 40 buildings for inspection / repair works of the common parts and over 1,000 units of the private flats. Those include Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Ideal House, Jen Fair Building, Skyline Mansion… etc.

We are also invited to organize seminars for explaining the procedures, requirements, and certificates submission of statutory MBIS to the owner’s committees, e.g. Ideal House on 15 April 2014, Tak On Mansion on 5 December 2014, Skyline Mansion on 13 May 2015, Fortress Garden on 12 September 2015, Prince's Terrace on 23 September 2015, Lung King Building on 27 November 2015, etc.